Finance Documents

Name Comments Size
Bank Reconciliation March 2019 2018-19 Year End 45kb
Explanation of Variances 2018_2019 For year 2018-19 62kb
Annual Return Statement of Accounts For year 2018-19 62kb
Review of Effectiveness of Internal Audit Agreed Mar-19 85kb
Review of Internal Financial Control Agreed Mar-19 52kb
Internal Control Statement 2019/2020 Adopted Mar-20 392kb
Financial Regulations – February 2020 Financial Regulations 545kb
Audit Report & Certificate 2017/2018 External Auditor Report & Certificate 263kb
2017/2018 Parish Council Accounts Parish Council Accounts 133kb
Financial Control Procedure Master Year End (Adopted Oct-2018) 114kb
2016/2017 Parish Council Accounts End of year accounts 13kb