National Butterfly Count 2021 in Kelsale-cum-Carlton – Kelsale-cum-Carlton Parish Council

Saturday 24th July 2021     10:00 - 17:00

Suffolk Flora Preservation Trust will celebrate Big Butterfly Count 2021 with two special

Open Days for all members of the public,

10 am until 5 pm

at Simpson’s Fromus Valley Reserve in Kelsale-cum-Carlton

(Gated entrance, on the west of the A12 heading up Mile Hill going away from Kelsale toward Yoxford)

on Saturday 24th July,


at Orchid Glade, Boulge Road, Hasketon on

Sunday 25th July.

Please find instructions how to reach both reserves on the

website under ‘Open Days’.


The Big Butterfly Count is an annual event organized by the national charity Butterfly Conservation.


Download guidance on counting methods and butterfly identification from this source.


You can make your count at any time between Friday 16th July and Sunday 8th August, but we have chosen these two week-end dates because experience in past years has shown that our two Reserves are likely to have most butterflies active in the closing days of the month of July.        


Good luck !

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