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Protect yourself and your home from property title fraud for free.

Millions risk their homes being sold under their noses as property title frauds rise.
Official figures showed 99pc of property owners have not signed up to a safeguard which
helps to protect their homes from crime, despite a rising tide of scams recorded during the
pandemic property boom.

Only around a quarter of a million of Britain’s 29 million homes are registered with the Land
Registry’s anti-fraud “property alert service”, launched in 2014.

Users of the free service are notified when local authority searches are carried out on their
property, an indicator a conveyancer may be preparing the property for sale.

If the owner does not recognise the activity, it flags that a fraud may be being carried out.

How do I protect my property?

 Homeowners can register up to 10 properties with the Land Registry ‘property alert service’ which is free to use
 Once you have signed up to the service, you will receive email alerts when certain
activity occurs on your monitored properties, allowing you to take action if necessary
 Email alerts are sent when official searches and applications are received against a
monitored property
 If you receive an alert about activity that seems suspicious you should take swift
action. The alert email will signpost you to who to contact.
 You don’t have to own a property to set up an alert.
 The same property can be monitored by different people.
 The property you want to monitor must be situated in England or Wales and
registered with HM Land Registry
 You must create an online account to use the service, although you can use the service
“offline” by calling 0300 006 0478.

Source: Land Registry





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