SCDC Local Plan – Live

The final public consultation on the Draft Local Plan for Suffolk Coastal begins on January 14th 2019 and closes on February 25th 2019. 

All responses from members of the public are welcome and will be gratefully received. Please note responses should be concerning; the Legal and procedural requirements and soundness of the Plan.

There is a ‘drop in’ session at Saxmundham Market Hall on 6th February at 3:00pm to 7:00pm, all residents are welcome to attend. If you have any questions, please contact a Parish Councillor or the Parish Clerk.

Name Comments Size
KcC’s Local Plan Response 2018 Parish Council’s response to the SCDC’s First Draft Local Plan Consultation,      4th September 2018 721k
KcC’s Local Plan Response 2017 Parish Council’s response to the SCDC’s Local Plan Consultation,                           25th October 2017 2223k

Conservation area – Closed

Click below to access the Kelsale Conservation Area Appraisal

November 2018 Conservation Area Appraisal

Click below for a map of the Kelsale Conservation Area at inception.

Kelsale Conservation Area Map at Nov-2018

Sizewell – Live

Latest news – Stage 3 Consultation commenced on January 4th 2019 and lasts for 12 weeks.

Residents are advised to make their own views known.

KcC Parish Council will be drafting a formal response.

Name Comments Size
Sizewell C 6th February Sizewell C Public Meeting Presentation Slides 3mb
Sizewell C Stage 2 Pre-Application Consultation KcC’s response to Sizewell Stage 2 Consultation, 25th January 2017 981k

Other – Closed

Review of East Suffolk Warding by the Boundaries Commission

The following comments were received regarding the proposals and potentially impacting the outcome for Kelsale cum Carlton.

Kelsale & Yoxford Warding Proposal

52 We received four submissions relating to this area, in addition to general support from the Councils. Kelsale-cum-Carlton Parish Council expressed a general concern over the size of the proposed ward and stated that their links lie more with the Saxmundham area; however, no alternative warding pattern was provided here.

53 A local resident opposed the draft recommendations in this area, stating that Walpole, Cratfield and Linstead should be included in a Halesworth ward, and that Leiston should be included in Kelsale & Yoxford. However, this proposal would have significant knock-on effects on the surrounding wards, and no evidence was put forward to justify moving away from the draft recommendations here.

54 A local resident supported the boundaries here but proposed an alternative name of Kelsale & Chediston; however, we are content that the two primary settlements are represented in the name of this ward and are not proposing to alter it. Another local resident queried the eastern boundary of this ward; however, as this follows the parish boundary in the area, we are content to retain this as part of the final recommendations.

The file below describes the Warding agreed in Parliament

Click to open the new Warding for East Suffolk Summary