Sizewell C Stage 4 Consultation – Closed

Name Comments Size
STAGE 4 Consultation Parish Council’s Stage 4 Response (28th Aug-19) 2mb
Community Forum – 3rd Jul-19  Slides used by EDF Energy to guide discussion and Q&A 1mb

Sizewell C EIA Scoping Opinion – Closed

Statutory Consultees only

Name Comments Size
Response KcC PC Response to the Planning Inspectorate regarding considerations for their Scoping Opinion to EDF Energy on the requirements of an Environmental Impact Analysis [EIA] 565kb
Appendix Joint SCC & SCDC response to the previous 2014 EIA Scoping Opinion request 1mb

Sizewell C Stage 3 Consultation – Closed

Stage 3 Consultation ended on 29th March 2019

Name Comments Size
KcC PC response to Sizewell Stage 3 Consultation
Summary Executive Summary outlining the position of KCC Parish Council 611kb
Response KcC PC detailed response to Sizewell Stage 3 Consultation – Mar-19 2mb
Appendix A Indicative traffic maps showing morning peak along the A12 2mb
Appendix B Indicative traffic maps showing evening peak along the A12 4mb
Appendix C Response analysis of KcC resident survey 538kb
Appendix D KcC resident survey ‘concerns heatmap’ 560kb
Appendix E KcC Sizewell C Public Meeting – 6th Feb-19 3mb
Appendix F KcC resident survey verbatim comments – Mar-19 2mb
Appendix G Reference materials used in compiling the response 529kb
Appendix H Ministry of Transport response to Traffic Analysis Question 158kb
KcC Resident Questionnaire – Sizewell Stage 3 Consultation
KcC Survey Response KcC Sizewell C Stage 3 – Resident questionnaire response – Mar-19 559kb
KcC Survey Comments KcC Sizewell C Stage 3 – Resident verbatim comments – Mar-19 2mb
Sizewell C KcC PC Sizewell C Public Meeting Presentation Slides – Feb-19 3mb
Sizewell C Stage 2 KcC PC response to Sizewell Stage 2 Consultation – Jan-17 981kb

SCDC Local Plan – Closed

Name Comments Size
KcC PC Response 2019 KcC PC response to the SCDC’s Final Draft Local Plan Consultation Jan-19 1mb
KcC PC Response 2018 KcC PC response to the SCDC’s First Draft Local Plan Consultation Sep-18 721k
KcC PC Response 2017 KcC PC response to the SCDC’s Local Plan Consultation Oct-17 2223k

Conservation area – Closed

Click below to access the Kelsale Conservation Area Appraisal

November 2018 Conservation Area Appraisal

Click below for a map of the Kelsale Conservation Area at inception.

Kelsale Conservation Area Map at Nov-2018

Other – Closed

Review of East Suffolk Warding by the Boundaries Commission

The following comments were received regarding the proposals and potentially impacting the outcome for Kelsale cum Carlton.

Kelsale & Yoxford Warding Proposal

52 We received four submissions relating to this area, in addition to general support from the Councils. Kelsale-cum-Carlton Parish Council expressed a general concern over the size of the proposed ward and stated that their links lie more with the Saxmundham area; however, no alternative warding pattern was provided here.

53 A local resident opposed the draft recommendations in this area, stating that Walpole, Cratfield and Linstead should be included in a Halesworth ward, and that Leiston should be included in Kelsale & Yoxford. However, this proposal would have significant knock-on effects on the surrounding wards, and no evidence was put forward to justify moving away from the draft recommendations here.

54 A local resident supported the boundaries here but proposed an alternative name of Kelsale & Chediston; however, we are content that the two primary settlements are represented in the name of this ward and are not proposing to alter it. Another local resident queried the eastern boundary of this ward; however, as this follows the parish boundary in the area, we are content to retain this as part of the final recommendations.

The file below describes the Warding agreed in Parliament

Click to open the new Warding for East Suffolk Summary