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The Council has a significant role in local Planning matters, not just those for individuals or businesses in the Parish, but also in matters that have a wider or even national context.

For example the Council has a Statutory Consultee role in the Planning Processes being undertaken for the Sizewell C proposals.

However, as Planning is largely dependent on National and District Council policies, it is almost inevitable that things are seldom as simple as they seem on the surface.

To assist residents in matters of Planning, a small number of items can be found below. Where reference is made to Suffolk Coastal District Council, East Suffolk should be substituted, pending amendment of these documents.

As part of the East Suffolk District Council area, Kelsale cum Carlton Planning matters are now dealt with at Riverside House, Lowestoft rather than the Melton office. A map showing how to get to Riverside House is available here and will open in an new window.

The Planning powers of a Parish Council do change from time to time. However, a brief guide to these is available here and gives a rounded view of the breadth and depth of many items falling within the Planning responsibility of East Suffolk and the Parish Council. It will open in a new window.

Despite the Councils role and the associated powers, there is a national policy framework that both the District and Parish Council have to work within. As a consequence there is a clear protocol that operates and the brief document available here outlines the expectations District Councils have of the Parish Councils. This document opens in a new window.




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