Portfolio Holders - Kelsale-cum-Carlton Parish Council

Short descriptors of each portfolio are given in the document available for viewing or downloading by following this link. The link will open in a new page.

A – Liaison with others on behalf of KcC

A2/A3      Community, Energy & Health (Cllr Dickerson)
A4/A5      Component responsibilities of KcC Biodiversity Group (Cllr Dickerson)
A6           Kelsale & Yoxford Ward Liaison (Clerk & Cllr Holden)
A7           East Suffolk Council (Clerk)
A8           Suffolk Association of Local Councils (Clerk)
A9           Saxmundham Town Council (Clerk)
A10         KcC Schools (Cllr Galloway)
A11         Footpaths & Rights of Way (Cllr Ransome)
A12/A13  Grit & Fido Bins (Cllr Holden)
A14         Kelsale Village Hall & Centre (Cllr Ransome)
A15         Parochial Church Council (Cllr Galloway)
A16         Grant donors & facilitators (Cllr Weaver)
A17         Suffolk Constabulary (Cllr Holden)

B – What only Kelsale cum Carlton Parish Council can do
B1           Sizewell (Cllrs Galloway & Weaver)
B2           East Suffolk Consultations (Cllr Weaver)
B3           Suffolk County Council Consultations (Cllr Weaver)
B4           East Suffolk Council Mandatory Planning Consultee All Councillors (Cabinet Responsibility)
B5           Planning Group ( Cllrs Holden, Stewart, Weaver, Ellis & Ransome)
B6           Emergency Planning (Mr C Burslem)
B7           Trees & Green Spaces (Cllrs Buttle, Holden & Revell)
B8           Safeguarding (Cllr Harker)

C – Community Events
C1           Bonfire Party Team (Cllrs Buttle, Revell, Ransome, Holden & Harker)
C2           Christmas Lunch (Cllrs Buttle, Weaver & Galloway)

D – Keeping residents informed
D1           Quarterly Newletter (Liz Flight – Editor, Cllr Dickerson – Distribution)
D2           Parish Council Website (Cllr Galloway)
D3           Leaflets, Bulletins & Noticeboards (Clerk & Cllr Buttle)

E – Parish Council Initiatives
E1           Biodiversity Group (Cllr Dickerson)
E2           Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (Cllrs Galloway & Buttle)
E3           Defibrillator (Cllr Holden)
E4           Conservation Area (Cllrs Revell, Dickerson & Ransome)
E5           Benches (Cllr Holden)
E6           Speed Camera (Cllr Holden)
E7           Parish Archive Project (Mr C Burslem)


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