Portfolio Holders - Kelsale-cum-Carlton Parish Council

A field of lupins to the rear of a house in Kelsale
South Devon cow looking to camera
Lupins at The Forge
South Devon cows in the Parish 2
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Short descriptors of each portfolio are given in the document available for viewing or downloading by following this link. The link will open in a new page.

A – Liaison with others on behalf of KcC

A2/A3      Community, Energy & Health (Cllr Reynolds)
A7           East Suffolk Council (including the Community Partnership)  (Clerk & Cllr Weaver)
A8           Suffolk Association of Local Councils (Clerk & Cllr vacancy)
A9           Saxmundham Town Council (Clerk)
A10         KcC Schools (Cllr Harker)
A11         Footpaths & Rights of Way (Cllr Revell & Cllr Ransome)
A12/A13  Grit & Fido Bins (Cllr Holden)
A14         Kelsale Village Hall & Centre (Cllr Ransome)
A15         Parochial Church Council (Cllr Harker)
A16         Grant donors & facilitators (Cllr Weaver)
A17         Suffolk Constabulary (Cllr Holden)

B – What only Kelsale cum Carlton Parish Council can do
B1           Energy Development Projects (Cllr Weaver)
B2           East Suffolk Consultations (Cllr Weaver)
B3           Suffolk County Council Consultations (Cllr Weaver)
B4           East Suffolk Council Mandatory Planning Consultee All Councillors (Cabinet Responsibility)
B5           Planning Group ( Cllrs Revell, Holden, Stewart, Weaver & Ransome)
B6           Emergency Planning (Mr C Burslem)
B7           Trees & Green Spaces (Cllrs Holden, Revell & Buttle)
B8           Safeguarding (Cllr Harker)

C – Community Events
C1           Bonfire Party Team (Cllrs Revell, Ransome, Holden & Harker)

D – Keeping residents informed
D1           Quarterly Newletter (Liz Flight – Editor, Mr Dickerson – Distribution)
D2           Parish Council Website (Clerk & Cllr Galloway)
D3           Leaflets, Bulletins & Noticeboards (Clerk)

E – Parish Council Initiatives
E2           Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (Vacant)
E3           Defibrillator (Cllr Holden)
E5           Benches (Cllr Holden)
E6           Speed Camera (Cllr Holden)
E7           Parish Archive Project (Mr C Burslem)

F              Christmas Tree – Finding Funding, Buying, Installing & Decorating (Cllr Weaver)

G              Bus shelters – Monitoring & Cleaning (Cllr Ransome)

H              Identity Cards – Clerk


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