Kelsale-cum-Carlton Firework Party 2020 – POSTPONED TO 2021 – Kelsale-cum-Carlton Parish Council

Saturday 7th November 2020     17:30 - 20:00
Recreation Ground, Bridge Street, Kelsale Cum Carlton, IP17 2PB

Kelsale-cum-Carlton Parish Council acknowledged at their meeting on the 26th August that it would not be responsible to host the annual bonfire and fireworks during 2020. The decision was taken with regard to the current COVID-19 pandemic and the latest information and advice from the UK Government and East Suffolk Council.

As a consequence the Council requests that no bonfire materials be left on the recreation ground or the surrounding area. They further request that businesses and residents dispose of garden waste and other flammable materials normally used for this purpose legally, sensibly and with consideration to neighbours and the environment.

It is hoped that Kelsale-cum-Carlton will be able to welcome everybody back in November 2021.

Once again Kelsale-cum-Carlton are hosting another fabulous evening entertainment for young and old alike.

As usual there is no entry fee, but copious buckets will be available in order that visitors can show their appreciation with a donation on the night.

Those attending and travelling to Kelsale by car, are asked to park responsibly – leaving roads clear for the LGV and HGV vehicles used by emergency services.

All pet and animal owners – please note that the 2020 Firework Party includes a display that will include loud aerial fireworks that, depending on wind direction, may be audible a considerable distance from the Kelsale Recreation Ground.

The Parish Council would like to remind owners that loud noises and bright flashes of light may distress their animals and that they should take measures to safeguard them over the early November period, as there are several local public displays and many private parties.

Whilst the Parish Council understand  ‘assistance animals’ may accompany some people when attending public events, it respectfully suggests that owners think very seriously prior to attending the Firework Party with their cherished ‘friend’, as noise and bright lights may cause anxiety and discomfort.

Please do not bring any fireworks or sparklers to the Recreation Ground

Thank you for your assistance.

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