Simpson’s Fromus Reserve Open Morning

Saturday 16th June 2018     10:00 - 13:00
Simpson's Fromus Reserve, Main Road, Kelsale, IP17 2RG

Simpson’s Fromus Reserve is a Suffolk Flora Preservation Trust Reserve.

The cattle had their TB test on the 8th June and were due for a holiday grazing at Maple Farm. However, as a result of bureaucracy, you will find the British White cattle still present, and still separated into two groups: three young heifers, now with one calf, a bit shy, so please be careful not to alarm them. Three old cows, happy on the furthest paddock.

The success of our management of the meadows is evident in the golden haze of buttercups and, if you peer into the herbage, the mix of clovers and other legumes, lesser stitchwort and other wildflowers.

The stream is already almost dry, but crowds of damsel flies are active over the pools and ponds. Good photo opportunities for all.

As well as this being an opportunity to view progress at the Reserve it is also a chance to help with the Annual Survey of the Southern Marsh Orchids and other botanical species. So if you are interested, please contact Rose or Janey on site, on the morning.

Please come along, and bring new recruits to the Trust to safeguard our precious habitats.

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