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Sizewell C Co. are to begin surveying the land to the north of  Kelsale-cum-Carlton, earmarked for the so called ‘Sizewell Link Road’ should the proposed new Nuclear Reactors at Sizewell Beach get the go-ahead in the next year or so.

The Parish Council have been informed that “Contractors working for Sizewell C Co (the company that has submitted the proposals to build the Sizewell C power station) will be undertaking a programme of surveys in the coming months.”

Specifically Sizewell C Co. advise that “From Monday, 1 March, topographical survey will be carried out (Monday to Saturday, inclusive) along the route of the proposed Sizewell Link Road. The survey is non-intrusive (there is no digging). The survey team will comprise of two surveyors using a tripod mounted measuring tool and handheld sighting rods.”

We are told that ” The survey will mainly take place on private lands, so should not cause any inconvenience to general public.”

Sizewell C Co intend that “It will begin next to the A12, just north of Kelsale on Monday, 1 March 2021. The work will then move in an easterly direction to the proposed Sizewell C site…” and is “…planned to be completed by 7 April 2021.”

Moreover, continuing throughout March it will be “…covering the area of the main Sizewell Link Road route passing south of Middleton and including the land of the proposed Yoxford Roundabout at the A12 intersection with B1122.”

Residents should be aware that “The work will be carried out during daylight hours (between 8am and 5pm). No overnight working is planned at this time. However, localised traffic management may be used for short periods of time to protect the general public and surveyors. The traffic management would be subject to Suffolk County Council’s permitting processes.”

Sizewell C Co point out “This work does not assume that planning permission will be granted for the Sizewell C Project, as this is currently being considered by the Planning Inspectorate, nor does it indicate work is beginning on the construction of the project.”

Sizewell C Co state “We intend to keep the inconvenience or disruption to people in the area to a minimum.”

So if you are inconvenienced or are concerned please take Sizewell C Co. at their word and “please…contact the Sizewell C Project Team through the Sizewell C Community Freephone line on 0800 197 6102 or (by) emailing”

If you could also provide the Parish Clerk with a copy of the details of the issue, the date and any response you receive from Sizewell C Co, in order that the Parish Council can monitor the situation and its impact across the Parish and escalate if and when necessary.

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