Census Day is Sunday 21 March 2021, be part of it... - Kelsale-cum-Carlton Parish Council

A field of lupins to the rear of a house in Kelsale
South Devon cow looking to camera
Lupins at The Forge
South Devon cows in the Parish 2
Village Hall photo 3
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The census gives us all a picture of the people and households in England and Wales.

It gathers vital information that helps plan and fund public services, such as transport, education and healthcare.

By taking part and encouraging others to do the same, you will help make sure our community gets the services it needs.

If you haven’t got access to the internet or need help, there are two dedicated ‘Census Support Centres’ (CSC) in East Suffolk offering telephone assistance with completion of a Census form and answer general enquiries. The contact details are:

01502 523523 for the office in Lowestoft or  07856810828 at Campsea Ashe.

If you have internet access, it is easy to fill in your census questionnaire online.

You’ll soon get a census pack with a ‘household access code’, go to www.census.gov.uk and select “Start census”.

Enter your household access code, answer the questions and ‘submit’ when complete.



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