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They have helped us every week throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, yet barely a nod is given to the fantastic work they continue to do.

So it is timely to ask all householders and their families to check that we are doing enough to make their working day just that bit easier.

This week East Suffolk issued a press release asking all of us to follow ‘bin rules’.

As people are spending more time at home and generating more household waste than ever, East Suffolk Council is asking households to ensure they’re following the bin guidelines set out by the Council to help refuse teams efficiently provide an essential service.

Our refuse teams are working extremely hard under very difficult circumstance, so it is very important that we all do our bit to help them provide this essential service that we’re all relying on more than ever and there are some very simple guidelines we can all follow to do so.

To help ensure an efficient refuse service, East Suffolk Council is asking that households follow a few guidelines below:

1] Put bins out by 6am latest on collection day

2] Recycle where possible through the blue bin

3] Get the bin to the boundary where it meets the public highway (or  agreed collection point)

4] Don’t force too much waste in a bin, it can stick inside, meaning it won’t come out when emptied

5] Ensure bins do not contain incorrect items as it may not be emptied

6] Ensure bin lids are closed for collections, otherwise they won’t empty it

Life would be considerably improved for these great teams if we could all make a bit more effort, so please ‘help them to help us’

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