If you think your house value will be impacted by the proposed Sizewell Link Road you should read this. - Kelsale-cum-Carlton Parish Council

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As you are aware the Parish Council are participating in the Planning Inspectorates Examination of the proposal to build a twin reactor nuclear power station at Sizewell C.

During the last year it has become clear some homeowners in Kelsale-cum-Carlton may be eligible to participate in the Applicants ‘Property Price Support Scheme’.

This is a voluntary Scheme being offered by the Applicant that will be the only offer made to householders who have not been engaged in Compulsory Acquisition negotiations with the Applicant and their Agents.

There may be subsequent scheme’s which offer insulation, double glazing, etc. to the very worst impacted houses, but there can be no guarantees at this point.

Please read the document in the post below if you think you may qualify, as it should enable you to understand your position.

Please note you must study this document carefully and follow the instructions if you wish to register.

Please do not contact the Parish Council as it is not able to provide any further information or advice.

Also please note that although the document states the Scheme was annouced in 2019 for people affected by the proposed Sizewell Link Road, this was not disclosed to the KcC PC representative until later.

Please, do not hesitate if you think you may be eligible, contact the Applicant as instructed and engage with them as soon as possible.

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