KcC's Quiet Lanes network gets SCC approval - Kelsale-cum-Carlton Parish Council

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The Parish Council are delighted to report that Suffolk County Council approved the recommendations from SCC Highways Safety for all the proposed quiet lanes in KcC to be designated as part of the larger network in Wave 1.  A formal notice of designation will be published in the EADT.  There are no other hurdles required by the PC other than publicising locally that our lanes have been approved and waiting for signage to be installed.  This could take several weeks, so please be patient.
There is a Suffolk wide summer launch campaign planned by Quiet Lanes PR agency once signs are in place, which will centre around raising driver awareness across the county.
The Quiet Lanes Team message being promoted with the new network is:
‘When you see this sign, please take your time’ which they have adopted to update the ‘Expect and Respect’ slogan.
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