Quiet Lanes initiative - Kelsale-cum-Carlton Parish Council

A field of lupins to the rear of a house in Kelsale
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Lupins at The Forge
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Along with many other Parish Councils across Suffolk, Kelsale-cum-Carlton are investigating whether many of the single track lanes around the Parish could become part of a designated network of ‘Quiet Lanes’.

This follows a considerable surge in use by local; cyclists, walkers, joggers and horse riders during the Covid-19 pandemic. There can be no doubt that many residents from both our Parish and the neighbouring ones have found them a great amenity, providing both enjoyment and exercise.

‘Quiet Lanes’ are not enforceable, but with clear signage and a growing network it is hoped by SCC and East Suffolk that drivers can be persuaded to be more aware and respectful of other users, particularly where the lane has no paving for pedestrian or canine/equine refuge.

The latest Community News encloses a single sheet containing more details and asking residents to provide any feedback. The feedback is important as clearly a physical Parish meeting on this subject cannot be accommodated at present. That said the January ‘virtual’ Parish Council meeting does provide an opportunity for some residents to participate via Zoom should they desire. If you would like to ‘Zoom’ please contact the Parish Clerk to make arrangements.

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