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The Parish Council representative on the Saxmundham Surgery PPG attended the recent meeting and thought the following information may be useful to residents of Kelsale-cum-Carlton.

News article on Astra Zeneca vaccine causing blood clots: 37 cases had been recorded out of 70 million doses and none of these could definitively be linked to the vaccination. Unfortunately, due to the news reports there had been an 8% cancellation rate last week from patients due to have their 1st dose of the vaccine.

Future Vaccine delivery: Saxmundham have not received the go ahead to vaccinate the under 50s yet, but they have sufficient vaccine to give everyone their 2nd dose and will roll this out over the Easter period starting on Good Friday 2 April. They will then work continuously over the next 10 days (except for Easter Monday) until everyone who had their 1st dose in January have had their 2nd doses as well (with a target of 11 weeks between doses).

The One-Stop-Shop is receiving attention again and is more likely to go ahead this time. The 3-acre site next to the Sports Ground on the other side of Main Road is again the target (it already has outline planning permission) and they are preparing a ‘pre-business case’ or ‘Project Initiation’ document. The new surgery will be paid for from the CIL levy on the 800 new houses due to be built (next to the railway line) in Saxmundham/Benhall over the next 10 years.

Post-COVID the surgery will operate differently as there has been a lot of learning during the pandemic and this will enable some of the lessons to be put into practise:
During the pandemic the surgery dealt with more patients than ever, but most via telephone, this will continue as they can be more efficient in treating even more patients in a day.
The Doctor Direct system will be operated post-COVID, only seeing patients face-to-face that need to be seen.
The phone message on the answering machine will be shortened so that you can select your option much earlier in the call.
Finally, a new GP, Doctor Ridout, starts at the surgery on 1 May, which is very good news for everybody and very welcome for all the staff, let alone, Dr Havard!
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