Urgently Wanted - New charity wants to plant trees in KcC - Kelsale-cum-Carlton Parish Council

A field of lupins to the rear of a house in Kelsale
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Lupins at The Forge
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Kelsale-cum-Carlton Parish Council recently received this email and wondered whether any landowners in the Parish could offer assistance. If you have potential land for this worthwhile venture could you please contact the Parish Clerk who will provide you with the contact details.

“I am in the process of starting a new charitable organisation on behalf of the software company, Sicon, which is based in Bury St Edmunds. This Sicon Foundation will be focussed on conservation and the wellbeing of the natural environment.

As our first action we have the funding to plant a large number of trees. We are hoping to use between 1 and 4 hectares. We would plant the trees and maintain them. We are more than happy for the land owner to use the land any way they wish as long as the trees are left standing. We would also like to have access to the land from time to time to take photos, see the trees we planted etc.

We are happy to create a community space using orchard trees or use a farming area creating woodland. Do you think this would be something your parish would be interested in? Or, do you think you could pass this email and my contact details on to anyone who you think might be interested? I would really appreciate your help as we try to get this Foundation off the ground.

If you have any questions please do feel free to get in touch. My number is xxxxxxxxxx if you would prefer to chat.”


Best wishes,


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